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Preliminary data from a pathogen entry screen, mapped onto a human interaction network.

The goal of InfectX is to comprehensively identify the components of the human infectome for a set of important bacterial and viral pathogens and to develop new mathematical and computational methods with predictive power to reconstruct key signaling pathways controlling pathogen entry into human cells.

InfectX Research Groups

InfectX (Jan 2010 - Dec 2014) was a consortium of eleven research groups, ten based in Switzerland and one in France.   They brought together outstanding expertise in a wide range of complementary research in order to provide the framwork for the success of this ambitious project. The follow-up project TargetInfectX is currently ongoing

Details of the InfectX Consortium


Systems Biology of InfectionSystems Biology of Infection Symposium

Ascona, 23-27 June 2013



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